I use my experience in high-tech Research Engineering and active practice in the Visual Arts using traditional methods, computer graphics programing and math, to develop and teach K-12 in-school residencies that integrate Art into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curricula targeted to meet CT state and district standards.  This STEAM approach engages students through multiple intelligences, with activities that strongly relate STEM subjects to student interests in computers, digital media and the Arts.  I also give Teacher Workshops on the education methods and tools that I use which are CEU accredited and qualify for graduate college credits.  I am also available for workshops and lectures about my work for presentation to the general public for all ages.

(The following is a partial listing)


I.  Fun With Freaky Fractals and Digital Media (Connecticut Library Consortium Library Resource Online Catalog:

Art is about patterns of color, Math is about patterns of numbers, and Computers can be used to easily make fantastic patterns of color from patterns of numbers.  We’ll learn to use a computer to make beautiful and colorful art using simple math, print posters, and make screen-savers, save images as desktop wallpaper and more.  We’ll also get firsthand behind-the-scenes understanding of just what is all this Digital Media that surrounds us and even learn a little programming using a free simple but powerful modern language designed for non-technical people to let them creatively ‘Draw with Code’. Required Resources: Computer (desktop or portable, Mac or Windows) for each participant with free software XaoS and Processing installed (download instructions to be provided), projector or large screen display with computer interface, projection screen, podium/desk for instructor’s laptop computer


II.  STEAM: Integrating Art into the STEM Curricula This workshop is suitable for grades 5 – 12 educators, home- schooling parents, artists, and other interested adults.  For more details and scheduling, follow this link: Learn how to use a STEAM approach that strongly relates STEM subjects to the arts, digital media and computer technology to spur interest and motivate maintained student engagement in the STEM curricula.  Through the integration of stimulating hands-on arts activities with a STEM curricula this STEAM approach taps multiple intelligences and accommodates diverse learning styles to help students develop STEM as well as critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration and communication skills in tandem. Participants will learn how to use both traditional and digital media in grade-level appropriate artistic activities that demonstrate Art and STEM subject interrelations.  Activities include: Tangram Geometry;  Post-It Pixel Coordinates;  Digital Art as Color-By-Numbers;  Freaky Fractal Patterns in Art, Nature and Math;  Biology, Physics and Math of Color; Color Mixing and Color Matching Permutations and Combinations;  Geometry and Symmetry of Color Harmonies;  Creating Apps to Draw with Code. Free powerful modern computer tools that are easy for teachers and students to learn, are used in digital media activities that enable students to interactively create captivating and compelling images generated mathematically and even to write their very own apps. 


(More to be added shortly; please check back soon…)

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  1. Roger! I hope you remember me from this past summer’s HOT Schools Institute.

    I was just contacted by the ND Council of Science and Math Teachers who are seeking presenters for their first STEAM conference. Thought of you! Any chance you might be interested in presenting a few hands-on workshops in ND on March 20-21? If so, what is your fee?

    Rebecca Engelman
    Arts in Education Director
    ND Council on the Arts

  2. Hi you handsome bugger!!!
    I have two students that would love to have you mentor them this year.
    Drop me a line or drop by.
    Chuck Boucher
    PS. you rock!

  3. Hi,
    I ran into Constance Kristofik, from the New London Landmarks group who suggested you might be interested in advising my students. I am the coach of three FLL Challenge teams (ages 9-13). Every year our theme changes and this year our theme is incorporating Art into STEM. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you teach a class on this exact subject! The teams have been working on ideas and would love your expertise in evaluating them. Thank you, Fini

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